You can prove your talent in three workout categories and lead the hippo to unexpected success!



The raging ravens sent Jack to heck!

Will you help Scarecrow Jack to escape the creepy castle so he can take revenge on the sneaky ravens? 
This cool, creepy Jump’n’Jump game will make you jump higher, jump farther, jump harder!


Be strong. Be crazy. Be Jack!


They come in peace, right?
That is the question that General Jonah and the crazy scientist Dr. Dent have to answer. Are the invaders really evil just because they want to conquer the whole planet? Is this game truly a replay of the historically documented attack of the invaders in 1958?

Explore a whole new world of Mah Jongg – with Mah Jongg Universe! Compete with Mah Jongg Players around the planet!


There are exciting game modes to be explored.